[Last updated in Feb 2015]

Below you can find a list of talks about my book and related research (since Aug 2013). Many talks include links to podcasts/vodcasts.

12th February 2015
Oxford University Department of Social Policy and Intervention

17th November 2014
European University Institute

7th November 2014
Netzwerk Migrationsrecht

3rd November 2014
Open Day – Oxford University Department for Continuing Education [vodcast]

23rd May 2014
University of Leuven, Center for Citizenship and Democracy, Leuven

9th May 2014
University of Pennsylvania, Program on Democracy, Citizenship & Constitutionalism, Pennsylvania

14th-16th March 2014
Council for European Studies, 21st International Conference of Europeanists, Washington DC

21st-23rd Feb 2014
COMPAS, Decade of Migration Conference, Oxford

13th Feb 2014
COMPAS, Seminar Series, Oxford

9th December 2013
Netherlands Ministry of Security and Justice, Migration Policy Conference, The Hague

4th December 2013
Refugee Studies Centre, University of Oxford [podcast], Oxford

29th November 2013
Kellogg College [vodcast], Panel Debate on ‘The global governance of international migration: What next?’ with Paul Collier, Ian Goldin, Cathryn Costello, and me; Oxford

25th November 2013
University of Nottingham, School of Economics, Nottingham

22nd November 2023
Bristol Festival of Ideas [vodcast], Bristol

20th November 2013
Migration Policy Institute – Europe [podcast] ,Brussels

18th November 2013
Warwick Economics Society, Warwick

6th November 2013
King’s College London, Department of Political Economy, London

25th October 2013
UCLA Program on International Migration, Los Angeles

23rd October 2013
UCSD, Center for Comparative Immigration Studies , San Diego

22nd October 2013
UC Irvine, Center for Research on Immigration, Population and Public Policy , Irvine

21st October 2013
Economic Policy Institiute , Washington DC

18th October 2013
COMPAS Breakfast Briefing [podcast], London

11th October 2013
IMES, University of Amsterdam, Amsterdam

10th October 2013
Netherlands Scientific Council for Government Policy, The Hague (closed event)

26th Sep 2013
Oxford University Department for Continuing Education – Open Day [vodcast], Oxford

11th Sep 2013
Office of High Commissioner for Human Rights, Geneva (closed event)

29th Aug 2013
2013 APSA Annual Meeting, Chicago