Table of Contents

Chapter 1

The Rights of Migrant Workers: Reframing the Debate

Aims and Approach of the Book
Outline of the Chapters and Main Arguments
Terminology and Scope

Chapter 2

The Human Rights of Migrant Workers: Why Do So Few Countries Care?

International Migrant Rights Conventions
Ratification: Record and Obstacles
Migrant Rights, Citizenship Rights, and Immigration Policy

Chapter 3

Nation-States, Labor Immigration, and Migrant Rights: What Can We Expect?

The Objectives of Labor Immigration Policy
Constraints and Variations in the Migration State
Three Hypotheses

Chapter 4

An Empirical Analysis of Labor Immigration Programs in Forty-Six Countries

Existing Research and the Scope of My Analysis
Indicators for Measuring Openness to Labor Immigration
Indicators for Measuring Migrant Rights
Methods, Data, and Limitations
Openness to Labor Immigration
Migrant Rights
Summary of Findings

Chapter 5

Regulating the Admission and Rights of Migrant Workers: Policy Rationales in High-Income Countries

Explaining Greater Openness to Higher-Skilled Migrant Workers
Why More Rights for Skilled Migrant Workers?
Explaining Trade-Offs between Openness and Rights
The National Interest: Expected Impacts Drive Labor Immigration Policies

Chapter 6

Labor Emigration and Rights Abroad: The Perspectives of Migrants and Their Countries of Origin

Migrants: Emigration, Rights, and Human Development
Sending Countries: Interests and Policy Choices
Engaging with Trade-Offs

Chapter 7

The Ethics of Labor Immigration Policy

What Consequences Should National Policymakers Care about, and for Whom?
The Ethics of Temporary Labor Immigration Programs
What Rights Restrictions Are Justifiable, and for How Long?
Making Temporary Migration Programs Work
Summary: The Case for Tolerating Some Trade-Offs between Openness and Rights

Chapter 8

The Price of Rights: What Next for Human Rights-Based Approaches to International Labor Migration?

Blind Spots and Unintended Consequences of Human Rights
UN Agencies’ Reluctant Engagement with the Price of Rights
Reframing the Human Rights-Based Approach to Migration
Open Debate