[Page last updated in Feb 2015]

I am frequently interviewed about international labour migration and the rights of migrant workers around the world. The list below includes interviews and Op-eds from January 2013 onwards.

Priset vi får betala?
Swedish newspaper Norran discusses my book The Price of Rights, 20th February 2015

The Price of Rights: Key policy trade-offs in migration
Vox Interview, 12th Nov 2014

Katar vielleicht beste der schlechten Optionen
Interview (in German) with me in Der Standard, Austria, 14th May 2014

Importing nannies is not the right solution
Canberra Times cites the Price of Rights, 21st April 2014

The abuse of migrants: And still they come
The Economist discusses the core argument of my book, 19th April 2014

A government in dilemma
Quoted in Independent Singapore News, 30th Dec 2013, Singapore

Willingly waived: Migrant workers trading away rights for access to jobs
30 min. interview on “Up Close”, Melbourne, 27th Dec 2013

La Convention sur les droits des travailleurs migrants, ou l’assassinat par enthousiasme
Quoted in “Contrepoints” (French Politics Magazine), 25th Dec 2013, Paris

Migrants don’t need more rights
Op-ed for the New York Times, 18th December 2013

Singapore riots
Quoted in “Life Week Magazine”, Beijing, 17th Dec 2013

Immigration remains controversial in UK
Interview for “Closing Bell”, CNBC, 2nd December 2013

Less is more when it comes to migrant rights
Op-ed for “The Conversation”, 2nd October 2013

Migrant Rights: Time for a New Approach
Op-ed for Al Jazeera, 30th Sep 2013

Warning over spot checks for illegal immigrants
Quoted in the Observer, 3rd August 2013

Martin Ruhs warns Government over ‘spectacle’ immigration policy
Quoted on BBC online, 3rd August 2013

Powering the Gulf
Quoted on Al Jazeera website, 1st May 2013

On migration, the US should copy the UK
Op-ed for the Financial Times (£), 13 Feb 2013

Helper at the gates
Quoted in the Financial Times (£), 1 Feb 2013

For interviews before 2013, see the website of the Migration Observatory